The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

Based on the book by Ronda and David Armitage

with Ali and Scott Gordon-Gillespie
Composition and live music by Scott Gordon-Gillespie
Animation by Sarah Eddowes

Premiered in NSW March 2015, currently undergoing further creative development

Lackaday, lackaday – Mr Grinling is a lighthouse keeper with a big, hungry problem. Every day Mrs Grinling transports his lunch by fly-wire across water and waves. But presently, it is not Mr Grinling, but the pesky seagulls who eat their fill. So Mrs Grinling, Mr Grinling and Hamish the cat put heads and paws together so the Lighthouse Keeper can have his lunch.

Join Drop Bear Theatre at the Peninsula Theatre, Woy Woy in this devishly simple stage adaptation of the modern classic picture book The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. With whimsy, windswept humour and a musical kick, audiences will be delighted by the same performing artists who brought you Mem Fox’s The Magic Hat.

Teachers note: The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch features on the NSW 2015 Premier’s Reading Challenge K-2


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